Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Inspection

March 21—I lit the smoker and looked in most of the hives. This is, I think, the 8th year since I quit using all forms of medication in my hives. In the fall there were 12 live hives. In March, 10 are still alive.
If I were medicating hives with Apistan, I should have put the strips in at the beginning of the warm spell, a week or so ago, so I could take them out in April.
Some highlights:
Hive #1: light in weight. The bees were bringing in white colored pollen.
Hive #2 was dead so I moved their super containing some honey to #1.
Hive #3 dead, with an almost full honey super which I gave to hive #8
Hive#4 is a lively double nuc but will need feeding.
Hive#5 dead(2 hives were already dead in the fall so they aren't counted in the winter mortality)
Hive #6 heavy with honey and bees
#7 is a log with a long story and it died.
#8 low but they are finding nectar somewhere and storing it.
#9 heavy with honey and lots of bees
#10 and 11 were harvesting yellow pollen (alder is making pollen and apparently something else is: willow maybe?)
#12 and 13 look good but need feeding
#14 another hollow log looks good but I can't see how much honey they have.

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