Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keeping Bees without Chemicals

I stopped treating my bees in 2002. No Apistan, Coumophos, Apiguard, Amitraz, formic acid, or Sucrocide. No Fumagilin-B, Terramycin, or Tylan. No open or screened bottom boards. No grease patties or Mite-A-Thol. No IPM. No voodoo, secret rituals, or chants.

In 2002, I had 12 colonies. In 2010 I have 12 colonies. I haven’t always had 12 colonies. In 2003 I had 0. They all died of American foulbrood.

Though the coming year, I am going to reveal my amazing colony management secrets to my reader. That’s you Bob. Thanks.

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  1. Hello Peter,

    I keep bees in the UK and have the same philosophy: I don't put any chemicals in my hive. I have published a book on Amazon: "Keep Bees without Fuss or Chemicals"

    Best wishes,
    Joe Bleasdale